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Everyone goes through trauma at some point.  For kids in foster or kinship care, trauma can feel like a destination rather than a detour.  That's why Beloved created Trauma Town.  Helping children navigate the complicated feelings and difficult behaviors that often accompany traumatic experience can be mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausting.  You chose this path because you didn't want the child in your care to have to walk through that pain alone.  We want you to know that you don't have to walk this difficult path alone either. 

When you enter Trauma Town, you are entering a community designed to care for your needs as a caregiver.  Explore our neighborhood; visit our downtown; connect to information and resources chosen just for you.  As you make your way through Trauma Town -- a community that everyone eventually visits but no one hopes to settle down in -- we know you'll find encouragement and support behind every open door.  

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