Trauma Town | Downtown

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In the mall, you'll find resources related to clothing, household items, and public-space activities.  


Counseling Center

Nurturing mental health and human connection is a crucial part of caring for kids dealing with trauma. In the Counseling Center, you'll find resources to help you to cultivate connection and healing with the kids in your care. 



The courthouse is here to help you navigate the rights and responsibilities of providing care. Here, you can learn more about your legal options and well-being advocacy for the kids that you care for.


Department of Child Service

Trauma Town's Department of Child Services connects you with training opportunities, supportive connections, and helpful resources.



Medical care can be tricky to navigate! The Trauma Town Hospital connects you to resources that help make medical care more manageable.


Local Business

When you visit the Trauma Town business district, you'll find information about employment, discounts, and opportunities geared toward addressing the needs of caregivers and kids in crisis.


Minority Resource Center

Stop by the Minority Resource Center for trauma-informed support and important information about ways to affirm the dignity of kids from racial and ethnic minority populations.  Learn more about minority scholarship, leadership, and equity in your community and throughout the state.



School can be a challenging place for kids facing trauma, and navigating the education system can be equally challenging for caregivers! Find educational support for kids and resources for caregivers here at the Trauma Town School.  



Art, music, and theater are terrific ways to engage with and process emotions.  In the museum, you'll find information and opportunities about all kinds of creative spaces and interactive places!



Making the jump from high school to college can be tough! Trauma Town University can help! Here, you'll find scholarship information and college readiness support so that the kids in your care can pursue bright path with broad horizons.